MARION – The Marion Police Department Friday released pictures of two men who are allegedly scamming unsuspecting individuals at cash-manned and self-checkout lines in our area.

Police say the scammer watches you enter your PIN number at the checkout, then they approach you claiming you dropped money or forgot something. While distracting you with their insistence, they subtly try to push money towards your wallet or purse. During this distraction, they steal your card without you noticing. This tactic is designed to catch you off guard.

Police remind you to remain vigilant and keep these tips in mind:

– Always shield your PIN when entering it at checkout.

– Be wary of strangers approaching you, especially in busy places.

– If someone insists you’ve dropped money, take a moment to assess the situation carefully before reacting.

– Keep a close eye on your belongings, especially your wallet or purse.

Police say your safety is their priority. Spread the word and stay alert.

If you encounter any suspicious activity, please report it to Marion Police immediately at 618-993-2124.

Photo credit: Marion Police
Photo credit: Marion Police
Photo credit: Marion Police